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Improving quality of life through Occupational Therapy and disability management.

Our Services

Key Steps is a privately owned rehabilitation company that provides Occupational Therapy and disability management services to a variety of organizations and individuals.

Organizations may include but are not limited to government agencies, insurance companies, automobile insurance agencies, workers compensation boards, private sector employers, and private sector employers.

Key Steps travels throughout Manitoba to conduct assessments and plan rehabilitation programs to improve an individual's quality of life. All assessments are conducted by an Occupational Therapist and are therefore objective and take into account the interplay between the individual, their environment, and their occupations.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a health care profession that is aimed at helping individuals become more involved or independent in the occupations of their life. The term occupation refers to all of the activities or tasks that people do during their everyday life. Examples include: brushing teeth, preparing meals, cleaning the house, attending school or work, walking, propelling a wheelchair or using another mobility aid, reading, leisure activities.

Occupational Therapists are university trained health professionals who understand the medical and physical limitations of a disability, injury, or illness, and also take into account the psychosocial factors and environmental factors that may be affecting the individual's function.

Service Goals

The main goals of the services offered by Key Steps are to assist in the facilitation of:

Safe discharge from hospital

Increased independence and/or safety within the home

Safe and successful return to work

Increased/improved mobility

Improved accessibility within the home and work environment

Increased work productivity

Who Benefits from Key Steps

  • Individuals designing or re-designing their home for improved accessibility

  • Contractors and other individuals considering the implementation of Universal Design features in their home designs

  • Employers and other individuals interested in implementing ergonomic principles within their work place

  • Individuals experiencing difficulty managing within the home and/or work environment

  • Individuals planning and/or attempting a return to work post-injury or illness

  • Individuals being discharged from the hospital

  • And many more!